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About us

what is a kollel?

The word Kollel comes from the Hebrew word "klal," which means group or community.  A Kollel is a group of Jewish families dedicated to and united by a shared vision who live, learn, and teach in the community.  The Memphis Kollel brings a dynamic group of scholars and their families to Memphis with the mission to enrich and engage the greater Memphis Jewish community with inspired Torah living and learning.

To achieve these objectives, the Memphis Kollel operates on two parallel yet complementary levels. It is an institution of higher learning that brings together Kollel Scholars who devote themselves to intensive personal Torah study.  This Rabbinic Fellowship spends time every day deeply involved in maximizing their individual growth and scholarship.

But secondly, and with equal devotion, the Memphis Kollel Scholars reach out to the community, collaborating with other organizations and institutions, to teach, educate, and inspire, men, women, and children of all ages and all religious backgrounds and affiliations.

our team:
Rabbi Shmuel Fromowitz
Rabbi Shmuel Fromowitz

Rosh Kollel

Director of Programming

Rabbi Naftali Zions
Rabbi Naftali Zions
Kollel2021 (4).jpg
Rabbi Uriel Nashofer
Rabbi Yosef Braha
Rabbi Yosef Braha

Rosh Kollel

Director of Operations

Rabbi Shuki Nissan
Rabbi Yehoshua Nissan
Kollel 2019 (1)_edited.jpg
Rabbi Yaakov Gelb
our alumni:
Kollel2021 (23)_edited.jpg
Rabbi Safier 2021_edited_edited.jpg
Rabbi Dovid Safier

Rebbi at Cooper Yeshiva High School

Memphis, TN

Kollel 2019 (2)_edited.png
Rabbi Dovid Nissel

Rebbi at The Jewish Academy

Hollywood, FL

Kollel2021 (23)_edited.jpg
Rabbi Yakov Nissan

Rebbi at Yeshiva Kol Torah  

Inwood, NY

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