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Don't miss our upcoming events:

Women's Halacha Class

Cooking On Shabbos

Get beyond the basics in this new in-depth halacha course for women.

Join the upcoming course that will explore the laws pertaining to cooking on Shabbos. The second unit will consist of two classes beginning on January 8th.

To register for the course, email us at

Time: Shachris 8:00 followed by breakfast at 9:00. Classes from 9:30-10:30

Location: ASBEE 120 E Yates Road

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Ongoing programs:
Lox and Learn



Experience the vibrancy of our Torah. Join us for an engaging, lively and interactive shiur on a wide range of relevant topics. Oh, and of course, a delicious breakfast as well. 


Time: 8:45am - 9:30am

Location: Young Israel of Memphis



Women's Nesivos Shalom Shiur

Join Rabbi Shuki Nissan in an interactive and engaging shiur as he expounds and illuminates the always inpiring and relevant words of the Nesivos Shalom on the weekly Parsha.


Time: 1pm

Location: Abbe Kaplan's home

This lecture series has been sponsored by Dr. Andrea Small in celebration of her 80th birthday and in loving memory of her grandparents Reisa and Mayer Kaplan and Pauline and Isidore Greenstein.

Tuesday night

Beis Medrash Night

Come experience the dynamism of a beis medrash full of Torah learning. Choose from an array of stimulating chaburas or bring your own chavrusa. It will quickly become the highlight of your week.

Time: 8:15pm - 9pm              Location: MHA Beit Medrash

For more information about any of our programs contact us at
other ongoing programs:

One-on-One Children's Learning

Give your child's learning a boost with a personalized session with one of our Rabbis.

Rav Nota's Motzai Shabbos Shiur

Be captivated by the penetrating shiurim of Rav Nota Greenblatt shlit"a as he uncovers the endless depth and breadth of the Torah.



Monthly Women's Class

Join Talia Kahn as she shares an uplifting perspective on the upcoming month.

Sunday Chavrusa Learning at ASBEE

After Mincha

Join Torah Mitzion and the Memphis Kollel as we break into small groups to explore timely Torah topics, prepared by Rabbi Joel Finkelstien.

Daily Dose of Inspiration

Elevate your morning.

Start your day off right with 5 minutes of inspiration from Rabbi Nissan immediately following Shachris at the Young Israel of Memphis.

Hebrew Reading Crash Course at the JCC

Brush up on your Ivrit with a 6 week crash course on the Hebrew language by Rabbi Braha.


Next Session TBD


Lunch and Learn


You don't need to leave your office! Squeeze some learning into your day by hosting a Lunch & Learn for you and your colleagues. 


Adult Learning

Tackle a topic you've always wanted to conquer. Our Rabbis will create a personalized study session tailor made for you.


Legal Holiday

Yom Iyun

Join us on major legal holidays for breakfast and a choice of great classes. Concurrent programming for kids as well! 

For more information about any of our programs contact us at

Torah Reality Workshop

Come check out our Sunday morning program for teens. Shachris at 8:45 followed by a delicious breakfast and a great shiur.

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